Women's Krav Maga

Our women's self defence courses are based on Krav Maga and is a stand alone course, however if you wish to continue training after the 5 weeks your new skills will take you directly into our mixed Krav Maga classes.

What you get with our Womens Self Defence course:


  • Small group training with a certified Krav Maga instructor ($200 value)

  • 5 x 1 hour sessions of realistic self-defence training ($200 value)

  • Training Bag

  • Membership Card

  • A certificate of completion.

  • An invitation to be assessed for your first patch.*

  • A better, more confident you (priceless)

  • All for just $120


Course dates


- Dates coming soon -

We welcome you to come and look at one of our Women's Krav Maga classes before joining to ensure you are happy prior to making any payment, you can even pick up your, bag and member card once you have completed your enrollment. Better still, enroll and pay today by clicking on the "Pay Now" paypal button. 

Learn to protect yourself and the ones you love!

NOTE: This is NOT a fitness class or a Karate class dressed up as a

“self-defence” course. This course is designed to learn the best ways

to avoid conflict and survive if you ever get caught in a bad situation.

Our club prides itself on our friendly all encompassing community. If you have any questions please ask you instructors, our administration team or Matt.

Classes at SMAC are a great release from the stress of work and daily life. They give you time to recommit to your self and your development.

Our instructor’s expectations are high and our students rise to meet them. The limitation's you think you have.... don't exist.

*If you choose to continue training after completing your course you would have the opportunity to be assessed for patches or modules. In Krav Maga we wear coloured patches to denote our level of achievement. We all start as white patch, the first level we are assessed for is Yellow. To receive a yellow patch you must show the skills you will have learnt, such as moving in a balanced fashion, the first basic strikes, blasting and 360 block against strikes and grabs. You will also need to demonstrate physical strength in our basic exercise program. On average it takes around 7 session to receive your first patch.

Upon completion of the course you can train up to 3 times a week Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. However we suggest that most people train twice a week. This gives the best results in memory retention, skill development and fitness gains without consuming to much of your valuable time.

This course is designed to learn the best ways to avoid conflict and survive if you ever get caught in a bad situation.


2/5 Simcock Street, Somerville 3912.

Victoria, Australia.​​

Tel:(03 5977 7055)


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